The SCC is a calculator that empowers students with the knowledge they need about the environmental impact of their school to help them make effective change in their communities. The SCC  takes students through a case study of their school building that provides students with courses of action they can take. The SCC is paired with the curriculum we created to fuller educate students on the climate crisis at hand.

The Curriculum

Our world is in a climate crisis. We are suffering for the carbon we are emitting into the atmosphere. Many people are passionate about this problem but they lack the specific knowledge they need to make effective environmental change. This is a particular problem for youth because adults have a tendency to discount what they say.  In order for these young people to be listened to, they need a deep understanding of the issues of carbon.

In order to raise awareness of embodied and operational carbon, while also empowering today's youth, we have created the Student Carbon Calculator Curriculum, the SC3. The SC3 is a one-trimester curriculum, aligned with Common Core State Standards, that leads students through a case study of their environmental impact in their school using an online webform. The SC3 provides students with the knowledge they need to make effective change in their schools. At this point in time, legislation around climate change is not passing. The SC3 will empower students with the vocabulary, knowledge, terms, and facts they need to change their schools and the wider community.


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In order to make the SC3 as successful as possible we have created Teacher Accounts so that teachers can monitor the progress of their students work. This will allow teachers to view their students submissions, and access the full curriculum and SC3.

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